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Bike-Sharing in BH (In English)

su ottobre 27, 2014

Bike-Sharing in BH

Per Minas International

Bike-sharing has arrived in BH! My first experience with bike-sharing was in Europe – London, Paris and Germany. After a few years, the bike-sharing programmoveme also arrived in Italy (where I am from) and I took advantage of the monthly subscription for some months. Milano is flat but bike riding is not so common in the city traffic…let’s just say we have a lot to learn from cities like Amsterdam, the bike riding capital of the world!

After a successful European experience between 2000 and 2005, the bike-sharing programme spread throughout Asia, the United States, Australia and South America!

Bikes Europe

In Brazil the ITAU financed programme is available in Rio, São Paulo, Recife, Salvador, Porto Alegre and Brasilia. The latest Brazilian city to introduce the programme is Belo Horizonte.  Bike-sharing has been available in BH since June!

The bike stations are located across the city and more and more are popping up every week.  The programme is designed to introduce green transport options, promote healthier lifestyles, reduce traffic and environmental pollution in the central regions of the cities and to promote the humanization of urban environments and personal social responsibility.

Let’s see how the programme works:  

The bike-sharing programme is very easy to use and is English friendly!   You just have to reach one of the stations where there are bikes available, and make a phone call where you will hear the rules and be asked to enter your credit card details (IN ENGLISH!) When all the details have been explained to you and the light beside the bike turns green…. You can start your ride for a daily fee of just R$3.00!

Bikes BH

What’s the catch?  You need to return the bike to one of the bike stations in the city within one hour if you want to avoid incurring surcharges (R$3 for the first additional 30 minutes and then R$5 for every other 30 minute period).  On Sundays and public holidays, you can ride for 90 minutes before incurring surcharges.  A great Sunday activity!

If you really want your money’s worth, check out the monthly and annual subscriptions.  The monthly fee is just $R9 and the annual fee is $R60.  To take advantage of either of these options, you first need to register yourself on the website: www.movesamba.com/bikebh or if you have a Smartphone, download the app www.movesamba.com/appbikebh

You can always check where to pick up and return your bike online or through the Smartphone app.  There are also maps and instructions (in ENGLISH, SPANISH and PORTUGUESE) at every station if you get stuck, plus a customer services line.

There are already lots of bike stations across the city and more on their way… check out the one nearest you….

Bike BH Map

Have a nice ride and enjoy Bike BH!


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